ICFLP 2019: International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019 and Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Dorsett Grand Hotel Subang Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

TConsult in collaboration with Taylor's Law School is proud to host International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice (ICFLP 2019) exploring future developments of the law Malaysia, regionally and internationally.

Although it may seem that we are living in unsettling times, it would be difficult to find a time in history that has not been in the midst of changes. These would certainly be deemed challenging times. Significant changes are taking place all around us which impact our lives in unexpected and, at times, unwelcome ways. One of the key contributors to these changes would be the legal system.  Law may be a catalyst of change; it can influence change; direct change as well as respond to change in various aspects, making it a critical component of our history and our future.

Law is a popular topic of discussion, with regular discourse on legal issues relating to changing issues including moral, spiritual, economic, technological, political, humanitarian, biological and environmental factors. In light of the changing times, this conference intends to provide a platform to discuss the development of legal issues on a national, regional and international level. Participants are invited to submit and present papers on the legal developments of their preferred areas as categorized in the streams provided below.  This would be an excellent opportunity to appreciate our legal history, review current laws and propose legal reforms for further development. Law practitioners, students, researchers, industry experts, government, academics are given the forum to exchange views and opinions on the past, present and future of law.

Bar Council CPD Points: 8 (Event Code: T2/1516102019/TLS/SLG193528/8)

*TConsult is a recognized training provider by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) and is the host of International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice.

**Taylor's Law School is the organizer of the International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice and is committed to explore future legal developments in Malaysia, regionally and internationally.

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Hotel Dorsett Grand Subang,Selangor, MALAYSIA


Hotel Dorsett Grand Subang

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